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Government turns to army as nurses down tools

by BustopTV

By Lloyd Takawira

The Ministry of Health and Child Care has approached the Zimbabwe National Army for health care personnel as nurses continue downing tools.

As the health care workers strike reaches its fourth day the patients to nurses ratio has become even more unbalanced.

In a letter obtained by Bustop TV, Acting secretary in the Ministry of Health and Child care, Dr G. Mhlanga requested the defense forces health personnel to fill in the gap left by striking workers.

The letter addressed to the Secretary for Defence and War Veteran Affairs, Ambassador Maromwe reads, “The Ministry is requesting for your assistance to augment coverage for emergency services especially in Central and Provincial Hospitals for the duration of the withdrawal of labour by the nurses.

We will be calling upon your health services personnel to assist in the hot spots at the central hospitals as requested by the Chief Executive Officers and Provincial Medical Directors of the affected institutions.”

Government has been making frantic overtures to entice it’s workers who are adamant that the remuneration offer by government is way below their expectations and does not afford their basic needs.

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