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Government to meet its employees.

by BustopTV

By Staff Reporter

The government will this Friday, 10 January, 2020, meet with the represantives of the Civil Service Apex Council to talk about remuneration issues.

This was said by Apex Council Deputy Chair, Thomas Muzondo.

Muzondo said that the Apex Council had received an invitation from the government after they were deciding on what steps to take.

“We were invited by the government for a meeting on Friday 10 January at 10 am. We were about to meet and talk about what actions we should take when we received an invitation to talk about the cost of living adjustments.

We hope we will get something out of the meeting,” he said.

Muzondo also revealed that the government seems to have made a commitment to meet with some of the demands made by the workers.

However, some civil servants have said that the delay to give them the cost of living adjustments were a deliberate attempt to have schools opened.

One teacher in Norton said, “It is obvious that the employer is trying buy time and make us go to work next week.

“We have to agree at some point that the money we are being given is not enough and as such no amount below USD450 can silence us.”

One doctor said, “It is never about the money but the need to provide services.

“These salary advances are not necessary and they are being strategically given when schools are about to open. We know these tricks.

“Hope the teachers are not going to be fooled.”

Meanwhile, the Amalgamated Rural Teachers Association (ARTUZ), have resolved not to go to schools when schools open as reported by Voice of America’s Studio 7.

ARTUZ President, Obert Masaraure said, “We love our jobs and children are not at fault. We will not go to the buildings which were built our employers.

” We will be teaching at community halls and other such venues but not the schools. We are not going on strike but we will not go to the schools.

” We will be teaching at the alternative places mentioned.”

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