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Government introduces new repatriation guidelines.

by BustopTV

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

The Ministry of Health and Child Care has introduced new repatriation guidelines to be followed by all funeral parlours in face of the deadly COVID 19.

This move is meant to prevent the spread of corona virus which has claimed four lives in the country.

To date Zimbabwe has recorded 28 confirmed cases and two recoveries.

While 15 of the cases are a result of local transmission, 13 were imported.

“All bodies being repatriated to Zimbabwe for burial will be treated as contagious except in cases where the cause of death is road accident, murder and other body injuries.”

Health ministry will give clearance.

“Consequently, all such mortal remains will require clearance by the Ministry of Health and Child Care in Zimbabwe using the usual clearance channels.

Relatives accompanying the remaind will be subjected to 21 days mandatory quarantine at the designated points before proceeding to the funeral. The same applies in cases where the body is transiting through Zimbabwe,” reads the statement.

The Ministry added that only the driver of the hearse is allowed to proceed into Zimbabwe and is required to return back to South Africa immediately after burial.

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