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Exclusive:ENZO ISHALL’s Relationship With PASSION JAVA

by BustopTV

By Havok ZW

When Passion Java became more controversial he created many unnecessary enemies that could only get back at him by attacking Enzo Ishall.

He made Enzo ishall’s brand vulnerable and a target,he pretended like he did not see it.Enzo Ishall lost his loyal fans due to his relationship with him at the same time “Highest Score” was fought and ridiculed down mainly by Passion Java’s enemies. Enzo Ishall was not benefiting anything from his relationship with Passion Java apart from sponsored videos and songs. Passion Java would make promises that he would never fullfill.Reliable sources say even when Passion Java attacked Stunner and Mudiwa ,Enzo Ishall approached them and asked for forgiveness and made it clear to them that he is not part of such behaviour since he is also a artist. Enzo Ishall did the same when Passion Java attacked Mambo Dhuterere ,he also approached him (Mambo Dhuterere) and he told him that he was a good artist working very hard.

However,when Enzo released “Jira” a song that does not have Passion Java’s name on it, that’s when we all knew it was not going to be well between the two. If you all have been watching, Enzo has not mentioned Passion Java on it and thats when the youthful lad decided to distance himself from the Prophet.

It is believed that Passion Java will use these upcoming artist to get back at the stallion,source says he is funding a movement to destroy The 2018 torch bearer. Journalists and social media influencers are being paid to say and push negative news about Enzo Ishall. And very soon they will make the world believe in a lie that the stallion is a weak artist yet Enzo has changed the History of music in Zimbabwe in a single year bagging numerous awards,nominations and making more than 5 hit singles. If not because of Passion Java who got in the way and tried to use money to slow him down the boy would have been somewhere by now,the world would have known him by now. My advice to all our artists is that talent is worth much more, dont make the mistake of being fooled by rich people they will end your career and wont be sorry for it . We all hope Enzo Ishall has learnt his lesson and will start a fresh page in 2020. Our deepest fear is the position of Chillspot,are they still with Enzo Ishall or they will submit to Java who is believed to be giving them great amounts of money to Sabotage their most loyal and efficient soldier Stallion?We are deeply and reliably informed that Enzo nolonger have a working relationship with Passion Java and its all over.

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