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Edd Branson Foundation In Philanthropic Reverence

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By Own correspondent

The book of Ruth spontaneously speaks about thanksgiving, Ruth 2 verse 2.

This scripture and many other verses, could be the songs of many whom the Edd Branson Foundation has touched.
Founded by Prophet Edd Branson, Zimbabwe’s Consular General to Israel who is also a world renowned global preacher, mentor and serial entrepreneur, who is also the founder of of Jesus Generation International Ministries, the Foundation has touched many lives in within the length and breath of the country by extending a helping hand. Thus, becoming the country’s fastest growing global ministry.

The Foundation, which has been a fountain of hope for many has assisted more than 22 000 underprivileged children who are getting educational assistance under the EDDducate Zimbabwe Campaign established by Ambassador Dr. Edd Branson.
As if this was not enough, the Edd Branson Foundation also established a number of feeding centres across the country’s 10 provinces with much attention going to the Chimanimani in Manicaland province where cyclone Idai left a trail of destruction.
Speaking to this publication Ambassador Dr. Edd Branson spoke about how the Foundation has established feeding centres in rural areas as well as how they have responded to the cyclone Idai disaster in different parts of the country.
“To date, the Edd Branson Foundation has established a total of 82 feeding centres across the country. The programme involves feeding underprivileged children in rural area twice a day. The Foundation prides being the second biggest in terms of donations to cyclone Idai victims and communities.
We have made sure free water supplies and borehole drilling has been done, by the Foundation”, said Ambassador Dr. Edd Branson.
“In addition, the Foundation has 24-hour mission centres that look after the elderly.
Apart from food and other necessities, we also made sure free water deliveries and borehole drilling were done for such centres”.
Through its founder and benefactor, Ambassador Dr. Edd Branson, the Foundation has pledged to help the Zimbabwean government in as far as response to the deadly Covid-19 pandemic is concerned.

But who is Edd? Branson Many may wonder.
The man is the founder of Edd Branson Foundation, Prophet of Jesus Generation International Ministries, Director and Commissioner African Cultural Diversity and Entrepreneurship for the Global Diplomatic Council and the International Commission for Diplomacy headquartered in The Hague, Netherlands.
Edd Branson is also an Ambassador of the World Habitat Ambassadors Foundation International (WHAF Intl) and is the 15th person in the world to have been inducted into the WHAF Intl Hall of fame.
Because of his Philanthropic works, Ambassador Dr. Edd Branson was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Humanitarian and Philanthropic Leadership by the Global Academy for Psychological Sciences in Dubai in April 2019. This was in recognition of his contribution to promoting love, peace and tolerance and serving humanity in Africa and the world.
Ambassador Dr. Edd Branson is a recipient of the Australia E-Learning Centres Certificate in Entrepreneurship as well as the Young Entrepreneur International Award for African Leadership & Humanitarian Award from the 2019 Young Entrepreneurs International Summit and Awards held in Accra, Ghana in June 2019.
At the same Summit, Edd Branson was inducted as an Ambassador for Youth Leadership and Entrepreneurship by the Pan African Youth Leadership Foundation.
An achiever of many accolades, Ambassador Dr. Edd Branson in 2019 won the Peace Achievers Awards in collaboration with Global Excellence In Leadership, International Integration and Sustainability.

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