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ED cancels Uhuru Celebrations, declares national disaster

by BustopTV

By Staff Writer

President Emmerson Mnangagwa today, Tuesday, announced preventative measures that the government has put in place in the wake of the continuous spread of Corona virus in the region.

These measures include the cancelation of the country’s 40th Independence Day celebrations which were scheduled for Bulawayo.

Mnangagwa has since declared the pandemic a national disaster.

The President also said that decisive measures are to be taken as Zimbabwe joins the world in the fight against the corona virus.

Other measures implemented by the government include the cancelation of the 2020 edition of the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF).

Screening and testing at ports of entry and in the country have been strengthened.

Also gatherings of more than 100 people have been banned be it weddings, church meetings.

All major borders, Beithbridge, Chirundu remain open but small border posts will be closed.
and more isolation and treatment centres are being identified and training and equipping of health personnel and institutions will be a major focus.

However, schools and colleges are to remain open untill offical closing day, Opening dates will be announced taking into consideration the situation of the containment of Covid-19.

Mnangagwa has also vowed to intensify resource mobilization and channelled to the response systems for Covid-19 and the drought.

By midday Tuesday, the number of deaths recorded as a result of the deadly virus was recorded 7,500 with most deaths experienced in Central Europe where the epicenter of the disease has shifted from mainland China.

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