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Econet assures clients

by BustopTV

By Staff Reporter

EcoCash has reassured the public that the process of stabilizing its new, more secure platform following a weekend upgrade, is nearly complete but has pleaded for patience as it works to “optimize” the performance of the service.

The statement comes days after the continuous malfunctioning of the Econet mobile money transfer application after their system upgrade over the weekend. The upgrade and maintenance system which was initially scheduled to last 24hrs saw the restoration of their service with a lot of derelictions.

In a statement released by the corporate, Mr Eddie Chibi, the CEO of Cassava Smartech Zimbabwe, the company that owns EcoCash asked for the mobile subscriber’s customers to bear with them as they finish working their platform.

“The core of our platform is now working quite well, but some work is still continuing on the optimization of a few components that involve integration to third parties. We sincerely apologize to our customers for the inconvenience this may have caused them,” reads the statement.

Mr Chibi also added that their engineers, along with experts from Comviva the international platform vendor of the EcoCash platform have been on the ground in Zimbabwe for a month in preparation for the major upgrade and are working around the clock to resolve all outstanding issues.

EcoCash announced a planned major upgrade of its platform last week to improve system availability, user experience, security and long-term capacity issues.

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