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Disabled people hard hit by the economy.

by BustopTV

By Tafadzwa Chigandiwa

Since the removal of dollarization and the coming in of new dispensation life has not been easy for several people in Zimbabwe but especially the blind (mapofu or iziphofu) that depend mostly on begging and being assisted for a better life by the able bodied ones.

During the United States Dollar (USD) economy many people could afford to part ways with a fraction of what they got to the blind but nowadays only a few can manage to provide the needs of the blind people.

Ever since the introduction of bond notes, RTGS$ and the newly introduced Zim Dollar as the country’s currency whilst rendering the United States Dollars illegal for local transactions, life has not been as easy as pie for the blind street side beggars.

Bustop news crew spoke to some of the blind people and visually impaired from different towns including Bulawayo, Harare and Gweru who have proved to have been severely affected by the De-dollarization of the economy.

A man from Chitungwiza in Harare known as Mr Kurima who hikes from showground to Norton on daily basis spoke to our news team and explained how this economy has affected their style of living.

“These economic turmoil have deeply affected our lives and not only us but almost every Zimbabwean citizen because currently no one is fully managing to stretch his/her hand to offer us charity like before.

“Back then we used to get at least 20-30 dollars a day during the USD era and we were able to survive by that since basic commodities and other groceries were affordable using the foreign currency.

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