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Demote minister Mthuli Ncube – ARTUZ orders Mnangagwa

by BustopTV

By Tafadzwa Chigandiwa

Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ), yesterday (Monday) petitioned President Emmerson Munangagwa to dismiss Mthuli Ncube from his post as Finance Minister.

The public service association representing the interests of rural teachers (ARTUZ), wrote their letter in reference to the country’s constitution which entitles that the President has the authority to appoint and remove ministers.

The association also expressed its discontent adding that Ncube is incompetent.

“Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe, a public service association represents teachers who predominently work in rural schools and those with the passion for rural development.

“We write to your office calling on you as the appointing and unappointing authority of Ministers in terms of section 104(1) and section 108(1) of the constitution of Zimbabwe. We implore you to unappoint the incumbent Finance Minister Proffesor Mthuli Ncube,” reads the letter.

Moreover, ARTUZ went on to lobby the President to demote Ncube arguing that his policies have failed the economy resulting in civil servants and the general population’s poverty.

“We call for his removal from the office because all his policies have failed dismally to turn around the economy. Through his policies the civil servants and the generality of the population have plunged into unimaginable poverty.”

Last year Proffesor Mthuli introduced austerity measures that include the 2% percent taxation inorder to try and turn around the economy, however it hasn’t yielded any positive results yet.

According to the teacher’s union, austerity measures adopted by the Finance Minister have failed to raise hope of the citizens leaving them with nothing but anger and anguish.

“Prof. Ncube’s ministry is of critical importance and as such it requires a competent person who can steer it to turn around our economic fortunes. Intgis regard Prof. Ncube has failed in totality and the only immediate remedy is for you (President) to remove him in within 7 days,” the association declared in their statement.

Zimbabwe is currently facing an economic doldrum, the Bond Note and the RTGS have dismally failed to boost the economy battling against the US dollar, in spite of all this, the government have shown no sign to dollarise the economy.

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