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‘Dembare’ condoms to be rebranded

by BustopTV

Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Health and child care ministry are set to rebrand the popular blue panther condom commonly referred to as ‘madembare’ because of its colour.

The publicly available condoms are distributed nationwide by Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council (ZNFPC).

A lot of people have criticised the condoms which they feel is embarrassing to use and urged the providers to emulate other condoms in retail shops which are flavoured.

The condoms are also easily torn.

Youths and the Sex Workers Advocacy Group are the ones who have advocated for the issue of rebranding the condom an official said.

The ZNFPC Masvingo provincial manager, Abyssinia Vhoko said the panther condom is going to be replaced by a blue and gold stripe and they think this will give the consumers a choice.

ZNFPC also hopes to increase the rate of condom distribution in order to avoid the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

“We want our consumers to continue practising safe sex and know more about the condom use and this will reduce disease infection and this is why we want to do and listen to what our consumers want and comply with them.

The panther condom needs to be available and accessible easily; we have a lot of young people and students in the province. The rate of condom distribution should arise from 7.5% to 12%,” he said.

One sex worker (name withheld) said that rebranding the condom will also help them practice safe sex.

“Men despise the Dembare condom of which for me its cheap as it is for free and easily accessible, so if then the men despise it, it will be difficult for us.

The other condoms being sold in the retail shops are expensive and not affordable.

Due to the nature of my job, the condoms should also have a lubricant,” she said.

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