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Day one of the much hyped Harare Massage Pool Party FLOPS as Ladies OUTNUMBER MEN!

by BustopTV

Own Correspondent

First day of the two days Harare Massage Night pool party did not give an impressive start as anticipated by most revellers as the event was marred with electricity loadshed and worse still women outnumbered men.
Only a handful of men turned up for the event whilst hundreds of girls of “all shapes and sizes” thronged the venue in a bid to mesmerize men. According to impeccable sources, men including the technical team were less than fifteen and ladies ended up jostling for the few men that had turned up for the event.
The sexually suggestive dressed girls, some in bum shorts, miniskirts and all sorts of revealing attire numbering about a hundred, the majority of whom who had been shipped in from various parlors and stripper joins like Private Lounge and Hollies Night Club, were restless and milled for an hour in the dark as the technical team fiddled with the fuel-less generator.
Reports have it that when the generator finally kicked in, the mood was already sombre and there was commotion as the girls in the ordinary section tussled it out with the girls in the VIP section for the attention of the few gentlemen who had turned up for the event.

Posters and fliers of the sensational event went viral on social media over the past few weeks with sexually arousing pictures of semi-nude ladies yelling for men’s attention featuring on posters.

The two-day event which is going for USD20 for an ordinary ticket and USD100 for a VIP ticket is running under the theme “Hapana Munhu WeMunhu” loosely translated into “no person belongs to anyone” meaning everyone is free to hook up with anyone.

Those in the ordinary section are said to be buying their own drinks and individually approach and negotiate for a massage session and ‘extras’ with the masseuses while those in the VVIP section are guaranteed perks such as threesomes(yes you read that right), lesbian shows and free massages and a free Braai.
The final day of the event which is taking place at 37 Worpleston Way in GlenLorne ( Sweet Massage Parlour) is however expected to gather momentum as many men are expected to turn up for the pool party and braai.
The proprietor is said to be planning on hosting such events every weekend throughout the festive season.

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