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Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition: Current Political Violence Against Opposition Supporters Point to Bloody Election in 2023

by Bustop TV News


MARYLAND — Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition says the current incidences of political violence against opposition supporters in Masvingo province point to a bloody election in 2023.

In a tweet, Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition said, “We are reminded that Zanu PF has not reformed and continues to cling to power through violence and abuse of state security institutions.

“The unholy alliance between Zanu PF and Zimbabwe Police is an issue of major concern. Worse still The Herald, ZBC and Sunday Mail continue to be used as propaganda tools to downplay Zanu PF’s atrocities.”

The organization focuses on democracy, human rights, good governance and sustainable development issues locally, regionally and internationally.

The MDC Alliance led by Nelson Chamisa claims that its party president and his supporters were blocked from holding meetings in Masvingo by suspected Zanu PF members, who pelted some of their vehicles with rocks and other missiles.

MDC Alliance youth leader, Ostallos Siziba, says despite the violent attacks they managed to hold some meeting in seven districts.

Siziba said, “They stoned our private cars but we remained focused on the strategic objective which was to meet the people of Gutu. It’s mission accomplished. Masvingo west expect us!”

MDC Alliance national spokesperson, Fadzayi Mahere added that Zanu PF appears to be abusing villagers by forcing them to attack MDC Alliance activists.

“Why is ZANU PF imposing itself on these poor villagers, Patrick Chinamasa? Stop forcing the people to participate in your silly gimmicks. Address the bad governance, hunger and economic crises the nation faces instead of abusing citizens like this.”

Chinamasa acknowledged this week that Zanu PF supporters were blocking Chamisa from addressing villagers, who he claimed, initiated the move as they don’t want him in the province.

In a series of tweets, however, MDC Alliance claimed that its meetings were successful.

“Before Zanu PF unleashed an orgy of violence, President Chamisa held a successful meeting with community leaders, war vets, opinion makers, vendors and special interest groups in Gutu. We are forming a broad alliance to secure 6 million votes in 2023 and form the next Govt.

“The Battle is for the mighty. We are not moved we continue to share the message of change. The Presidential Visit to Masvingo was a great move people are united for a purpose.”

The MDC Alliance said its message to the people was delivered despite all the setbacks.

“The Tour wasn’t simple but worthy the message delivered. We met Challenges but those were ladders @ZANU PF used many of its tactics but we managed to do as planned. President Nelson Chamisa visited the 7 Districts in Masvingo.

“We have finished our meetings for today. The citizens are converging to win Zimbabwe for change. The whole of Masvingo Province is galvanized to champion the People’s Agenda led by the People’s President, Advocate Nelson Chamisa. They have all proclaimed “NgaapindeHakeMukomana!”

But according to Nick Mangwana, the violence that has gripped Masvingo is designed to provide talking points of the opposition when a United Nations Special Rapporteur visits Zimbabwe to access the impact of sanctions imposed on some Zanu PF officials.

In a tweet, Mangwana said, “We are in the eve of #COP26 and the Special Rapporteur’s engagement is about to happen. Do you know what else has started? The Dramas.”

COP26, according to globalcitizen.org, is an annual climate summit convened by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, a climate body of the UN.

“COP stands for Conference of the Parties — meaning a gathering of countries — and 2021 will be the 26th time that it’s taken place. Hence: COP26.”

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