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COVID 19 scare at Bulawayo police station

by BustopTV

By Lerato Ndlovu

A confirmed case of COVID 19 reportedly visited Bulawayo’s Hillside police station and possibly infected workers there.

This comes after the patient visited the station to resolve a matter between a tenant and herself.

She was a contact case of the late case number 11.

In a statement the patient is said to have revealed that she had on several occassions attended to case 11 who was the third person to succumb to COVID 19.

Her results came out on 14 April 2020 indicating that she was COVID 19 positive.

The statement from the police PI states that the patient was advised to self- isolate at home on the 8th of April but on the same day visited the local police station.

“The patient visited ZRP Hillside police with the intension to solve an issue with her tenant on 08/04/20 at the CRLO’s office where she met with 3 officers and the station general hand (names withheld),” It read. “It was pointed out that she came putting on a mask and was sanitized as she entered.

“The required social distance was maintained. However, the station general hand maintained the isolation distance whilst seated on the same bench with the patient.”

The patient is also stated to have proceeded to the charge office where there were the other three officers who maintained the same social distance.

The station general hand who served her upon arrival is said to have reported to the Bulawayo police camp hospital with minor indications of the virus.

“On the 14th of April the station general hand reported to ZRP Bulawayo camp hospital complaining of flu and was given sick no duty for 3 days and is supposed to report back for duty on the 17th.

“Amongst the police members the patient got in contact with, it is only the station general hand who is not feeling well.”

The patient is a 52 year old employee in the health department based at Mater Dei Hospital and resides in Hillside.

Their statement reads that the Bulawayo City Council health officials visited her place of residence after having received a call from Harare.

“The Bulawayo City Council went to her place of residence to test her on 13/04/20 after they received a phone call from (HQ COVID 19 HARARE) that some of the employees at Mater Dei Hospital who had contact with the deceased were tested.

The statement indicated that there can be chances that same could have had body contact with the patient although it was not revealed however there is need to self-isolate the concerned members.

To date, the country has recorded 23 confirmed cases.

Bulawayo Metropolitan Province has 10 positive COVID 19 cases and has the highest number of infections.

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