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Covid-19: Informal sector hard hit by “lock down”

by BustopTV

Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Masvingo – The question on everyone’s mind is how will the informal market survive the 21 days lockdown?

The majority of Zimbabweans rely on the informal market and with the ongoing lockdown many are not going to work. The hand to mouth situation that they are accustomed to is impossible in these three weeks.

While the lock down is essential in the fight against COVID -19 it has it’s disadvantages.

In Masvingo, the vendors and dealers have since ceased operations. What will become of them in the lockdown when they cannot conduct business?

Speaking to Bustop TV members of the informal sector said it was going to be a difficult period for them as they are failing to put feed their families.

“21 days will be difficult for us, it is day three and we survive on a hand to mouth situation, it is hard to budget because we do not know how much you will make a day.

Sometimes nothing is bought and we just go home empty handed, imagine how then will l sustain all those days with my family,” said Edna Gare.

One, Memory Kugedera said government should avail funds for those who will not be receiving salaries.

“The government should intervene for those who are not getting salaries or there is going to be a disaster. We have bills and rentals to pay and if we not working, no miracle can happen for us.

We do want to protect ourselves by staying at home but at the same time it is also costing us. So my plea is for the government to intervene,” she said.

According to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development $1million has been set aside for vulnerable families.

Citizens are asking how the vulnerable will then be identified as this could lead to an unfair distribution. Most families under the informal sector are not recognised by the social welfare department.

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