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Covid – 19 induced lockdown continues to strike hard: Sex workers

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By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Masvingo – The effects of Covid -19 continue to be felt by sex workers in Masvingo as they are failing to make ends meet due to the restrictions that were put in place by the President.

Sex workers feel they are not being considered by the government as it is a profession hence the restructuons have to be eased as they cannot enjoy a night out as this is how most of them survived.

Their profession is now limited to house calls which others are finding difficult. Sex workers in the City were seen along Shuvai Mahofa street where they would stand outside, stripping for any car or men who passed by and this became the easy and normal norm for them.

This all changed with the coming of Covid -19 and restrictions imposed. Previous interviews with the sex workers also indicated that the police were also asking for sexual favors from the sex workers in a bid for them to work freely at night.

Sex workers bemoaned how the continued closure of beerhalls, night clubs has hugely affected them. In interviews conducted, sex workers are demanding the relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions for them to resume their line of duty.

“We do not have any monthly salary so surviving is now difficult as places we used to frequent are still closed and even if we frequent the places, police come by and we end up getting arrested or beaten up. Moving up and down is also restricted and there is also a curfew that needs to be observed.

“Why are sex workers not being considered for Covid-19 relief funds as we are also affected just like anyone out there. Our profession must be legalized to ease our problems. Right now l have kids l need to take care of but since last year it has been a struggle. Schools have opened and l just do not know what to do,” said one sex worker who spoke to this reporter on condition of anonymity.

The closing of Liquids Nightclub is one of the great loses for sex workers who used to frequent the place.

“The effects of Covid -19 has affected the operations of the club and it is a great lose for us as we would get high paying clients. It is high time beerhalls and clubs open up and the President must ease our plights. We need to make a living during harsh times like these or will end up dying of hunger in our homes.

“The government must make a sustainable plan for us. It is high time we are highly considered, we need to make a living and the police should not harass us but leave us alone and work,” she said.

Sex workers continue to suffer despite it being a profession for many and are even risking going out defying the countries lockdown restrictions as staying at home will not bring them food on the table.

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