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Council reconstructs demolished stalls

by BustopTV

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Masvingo City Council has started the reconstruction of demolished vendor’s stalls.

Informal traders are now registering for the flea markets which will be rented to only those with a lease of agreement.

Registration started yesterday and so far 700 have come to register said the City Town Clerk, Edward Mukaratirwa.

“The reconstruction of the markets is underway and yesterday we started registration of these markets as only those who have a lease of agreement with us are the only ones we are going to accommodate, no lease no table.

Yesterday was our first day of registration and in excess of 700 came to register for their flea markets.

The registration is for all council markets and no registration fee was paid, registration is for free so we encourage all traders to come and register for them to have a table at the new market stalls that are being refurbished,” said the Town Clerk.

The lease of agreement will be renewed on an annual basis.

“As l mentioned above all the traders have a lease of agreement so they will have to renew the lease of agreement annually and one will have to pay a monthly rental to the municipality. This will help the traders to operate peacefully and have a legal point to do their business from when the national lockdown comes to an end,” said Mukaratirwa.

Residents who are into the trading business applauded the move expressing their faith in the council.

Vongai Mlambo who managed to register yesterday was relieved to know she will be able to conduct business when the lockdown period is over.

“When we had of the demolition of the markets, we thought it was the end of the road for us but now that we have managed to register for the new stalls, it brings relief as we are assured that after the lockdown will be back to business. I did not seize the opportunity to come and register when we heard about it,” she said.

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