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Civil Servants deny government offer

by BustopTV

By Staff writer

The government of Zimbabwe faces a critical phase as workers yesterday (Friday) denied the money they have offered as it is lower than what the workers are negotiating for.

Apex Council boss, Priscilla Alexander, has given an update on the meeting that they had with the government.

Speaking to Voice of America Studio 7, Mrs Alexander said, “The government has offered the least remunerated worker ZWL 2 033 up from 1 033. Their offer meant that from the worker receiving ZWL 2 033 to directors would be 97%. For senior directors it was about 80%.”

She also said that the workers were disregarding everything the government offered then.

She said, “All that (the offer) is not important because we refused it. Our position is we want interbank rate. Workers remain incapacitated and we declared incapacitation in October. A lot of us are still at holidays how do you expect them to come back with the little money they received in December? They offered to give us ZWL 750 which was supposed to come in December. We will get it and use it but it will not change our position.”

Zimbabwe Congress for Trade Unions (ZCTU) official, Ambrose Sibindi said that the government is not sincere when dealing with the workers.

He said, “The worker has made it clear on the money they want but the government does not listen. The poverty datum line of ZWL 3 700 is not what is on the ground. The figure is manipulated from the current ZWL 3 700 yet it is actually between ZWL 7000 and 8 000. The government is never sincere when dealing with workers.”

As the situation depends, doctors are not working and teachers are threatening to down tools. The country could be in for a serious shutdown if the government does not act soon.

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