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CID officer arrested over stolen vehicle

by BustopTV

By Kudakwashe Vhenge

A senior police detective based in Gweru was on Friday last week arrested on allegations of criminal abuse of duty as a public officer after he released a vehicle suspected to have been stolen in South Africa without following due process.
Detective Inspector Leonard Gwandu, who is the Gweru officer-in-charge Criminal Investigation Department (CID), appeared before Gweru magistrate Tavengwa Sangster on Saturday and was remanded on $1 000 bail to January 17.
Det Insp Gwandu allegedly released a Toyota Hilux Raider to businessman Shepherd Tundiya, who had been arrested in October after he was caught driving the vehicle suspected to have been stolen from South Africa. The vehicle had no number plates.
Even though Tundiya was later acquitted on charges of theft of a motor vehicle on December 13 2019, no order was made as to the disposal of the vehicle.
However, the following day, (December 14), Gwandu released the vehicle which South African Police Service (SAPS) officers were coming to identify.

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Veronica January 7, 2020 - 3:39 pm

Hey guys kindly help my family out this guy is a corrupt cop he is in charge of my brother’s case who was butchered in Gweru earlier last year,upto now no results he was killed for a Honda fit and what made me suspicious that he was a corrupt cop was the statement he told my sister he told her that maybe the pipo who killed our one and only brother fled the country.Guys kindly help my family I believe this guy is a gangster cop contact me or whatsapp me on 0027762873504

Veronica January 7, 2020 - 3:48 pm

My brother is the man that the media reported as a taxi driver ,he wasn’t a taxi driver ,he was working for Toyota company in Gweru I was shocked to see what was wrote there is more to this story and the truth wasn’t told we are willing to go public with our case,upto now no clue on who killed my brother,no car was recovered ,a police man was on the scene yet it’s not being published I believe they planned my brother’s death for a Honda fit,my brother was a bread winner he was a qualified Toyota technician,he had a driver who was using it to pilot to get extra income on the day he was killed his car was delayed which led him to go to town his driver a man who is walking free now brought him the guys who killed him,our only hope which was the police told us (Gwandu )told us maybe the guys fled the country the least we deserve is closure guys pliz ,pliz help my family out my brother was killed last year in January on the 22nd

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