Chitungwiza Municipality Threaten To Enforce Demolitions

A caterpillar demolishing an illegal house built on wetlands in Harare (File Picture)

By Lloyd Takawira

Chitungwiza municipality (CM) has warned people who are currently residing on illegal settlements in Nyatsime (Breamier and Reamier Longlands) to vacate the illegal settlements by the 23rd of March 2021, Bustop TV News can exclusively report.

In a enforcement order gleaned by Bustop TV News, Chitungwiza municipality advised that all illegal construction of structures that  were done and are currently underway in  contravention of the Regional Town Country Act Chapter 29:12 should stop and occupants demolish and restore the land to its original state. 

“Whereas it appears to the Chitungwiza municipality that  development is taking place in contravention of the Regional Town Country Act Chapter 29:12 that is illegal occupation and development is taking… it appears expedient for Chitungwiza municipality to serve upon these persons and their associates response for the aforementioned illegal settlements an Order in pursuance of section 32(6) of the Regional Town Country Planning Act Chapter 29:12 to discontinue forthwith any development , construction works , occupation or use of the stands”. the enforcement order reads.

Some of the people staying in the in the aforementioned illegal settlements  started staying in those areas since  2010 after buying the stands from well known unscrupulous land barons.

A visit to the popular illegal settlement of Nyatsime by Bustop TV News revealed that most people  paid certain politicians for their papers to be processed but the stands are yet to be regularized by the local authorities to this day.

Some residents are imploring their cooperative to negotiate with the Chitungwiza municipality so that they are not evicted.

Chitungwiza municipality has been reported as one of the worst run local authorities in the country with well known  land barons  swarming and tearing apart the town by occupying all open spaces even those on wetlands such as Zengeza 4 popularly known as Pagomba.

Recently, the chairman of the Enhanced Cabinet Committee on Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Management, Vice President Chiwenga announced that the government is beginning to identify all irregular and dysfunctional settlements in local authorities with a view of demolishing illegal settlements especially those built on wetlands.

However, analysts believe  the war on urban illegal settlements  is a deliberate ploy to disarm the opposition by the ruling Zanu PF government  of the urban vote by displacing people in urban areas many who are believed to be opposition supporters .

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