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Chitungwiza Municipality issues prohibition order on Zengeza 2, Jambanja flee markets

by BustopTV

By Lloyd Takawira

Following illegal occupation of Zengeza 2 open space opposite TM supermarket and Jambanja people market, the Municipality of Chitungwiza has issued a prohibition order.

The stop order as directed by council follows construction of small markets by residents to which council has said the construction have not been sanctioned.

A press statement issued by municipal acting town clerk, Tonderai Kasu and a prohibition order said the aforementioned developments on the said two open spaces were illegal and in contravention of the urban councils as well as the Regional town country planning act chapter 29:12.

“Chitungwiza municipality seeks to set the record straight by giving clarity on it’s positions with respect to stand number 19547 Zengeza 2 market as well as on Jambanja people’s market located in Seke South.

“In the case of Zengeza 2 flea market, the space barons are incorrectly using and abusing a high court order issued under case HC2183/19 in order to usurp the powers of council as the planning authority … similar machinations are taking place at Jambanja market in Seke South where space barons , in a modus operandi similar to what is obtaining at Zengeza 2 flea market have without the authority of Council, also started erecting a perimeter fence around a Council property that is designated as a market,” read the press release.

The municipality went on to issue a prohibition order against the occupations citing that it is in the process of persuing criminal and civil action against the perpetrators.

The prohibition order reads :
“Whereas it appears to the Municipality of Chitungwiza that the development is being carried out in contravention of the regional, Town and Country Act chapter 29:12 that is the construction of a perimeter fence without Council approval on a municipal property designated as a market … now, therefore, take note that in terms of section of 32(6) you the Persons and your associates you are are hereby ordered to immediately, restore the land to its original condition before the illegal occupation took place as well as to discontinue forthwith any developments or construction of a perimeter fence on the land concerned.”

Chitungwiza municipality further warned that failure to comply with the enforcement order it is going to institute criminal lawsuits against the illegal occupants.

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