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CHITREST partners INFAME THE DREAM in feeding children in Chitungwiza

by BustopTV

By Lloyd Takawira

As part of commemorating International Day of the African Child, Chitungwiza Residents Trust (CHITREST) in partnership with INFLAME THE DREAM a youth advocacy lobby group fed children and the elderly from Chitungwiza Zengeza 1, 2 and 5 as well as St Marys.

Speaking to BustopTV at the feeding point in Zengeza 5, CHITREST Director, Diana Kuvheya said as Chitrest they saw it fit to celebrate International Day of the African Child by putting a smile on the faces of the children and the elderly.

Ms Kuvheya said : “As Chitrest we are offering porridge for free to all children and the elderly as part of celebrating International Day of the African Child. We are not going to stop today, we want to cover all areas in Chitungwiza such as Seke, all the Chitungwiza 25 wards. We are even asking for donations. We have got over ten thousand families that are hungry especially in this COVID-19 pandemic. We have got people who are starving. As you can see we even have adults, people are hungry. You will understand that in Chitungwiza we don’t have companies, we rely on hand to mouth scenario.”

Kuvheya also thanked Inflame The Dream a youth advocacy organization for partnering with them, “ We want to thank Inflame, they have donated the whole basics that we have used here, from mealie meal to peanut butter as well as firewood. So we want to thank them so much.”

Flanked by Inflame The Dream Zimbabwe Director, Owen Sachidza, Kiki Makowah the organization’s operations director said, “as Inflame The Dream we managed to donate sugar, peanut butter, mealie meal. We are happy to see all the kids as well as the elderly who have come here going home fully fed today. As Inflame The Dream we want to thank Chitrest for coming up with the idea. It’s difficult for people to put food on the table especially during this COVID-19 period.”

Children and the elderly who spoke to Bustop TV expressed gratitude to Chitrest and Inflame The Dream for initiating free porridge . A minor, Sawn Mumbire said, “ndafara nezvataitirwa pano, tadya bota taguta.”

Mrs Kuvheya also called on more well-wishers to donate to their noble cause as she said the feeding program is going to continue “The situation is dire, people are hungry. So to continue this program we are seeking for donations so that we can give families something to eat so that they can sustain themselves. Those who wish to donate can cantact me on [email protected] or 071 332 005 .

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