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CHITREST, Nayo Launch “End To Water Poverty” Campaign

by Bustop TV News

By Lloyd Takawira

Incensed by water woes in Chitungwiza, Chitungwiza Residents Trust (CHITREST) and Nayo have launched an ‘End to Water Poverty’ campaign starting with wards 6 and 7.

The campaign which was graced by Chitungwiza Municipality deputy mayor councillor Mutimbanyoka and councillor Chiwanza of ward 6 started with residents gathering in ward 6 at Zengeza 5 corner shops were there is a non functioning motorized borehole and proceeded to Haka street borehole and then to Mukomberwa borehole in Ward 7 .

Speaking at the campaign launch CHITREST director, Alice Diana Kuvheya said, “As CHITREST and Nayo we decided to launch #EndToWaterPoverty campaign starting with wards 6 and 7. As residents we are not happy with the water situation in Chitungwiza. Residents are asking why there is no water in Chitungwiza. As residents we are tired of buying water. We are tired of waking up as early as 3am to the boreholes which at times have run dry. As residents we are not going to pay for water which is not coming out of taps.”

Responding to residents concerns , Deputy Mayor councilor Kiven Mutimbanyoka acknowledged that Chitungwiza Municipality has failed to provide water for the residents.

“Chitungwiza Municipality has no water it’s not a water authority that’s our problem. We rely on Harare. Harare is also struggling. As Chitungwiza we owe Harare a huge chunk of money. Residents are not paying money to council. We have approached central government, we have received 60 million to drill boreholes. As Councils we are trying to complement as we don’t have money”.

Councilor Mutimbanyoka also said that Chitungwiza Municipality has approached government for assistance .

“We have approached central government over the issue of water. We had found a new investor but we failed to agree. 100milion 70million, 70 megaliters per day if Muda dam project is completed. We are pushing the governmment to rescue us, starting . We have identified the Jonasi Water Aquifer, we are going to drill boreholes there however we are still negotiating with Manyame RDC .We would want that water to be stretched into the water Councils channel.”

Quizzed by one resident over the secrecy of some of the contracts that council enters Mutimbanyoka said “Chitungwiza Municipality is transparent. We call on residents to take part in all Council programs”.

Responding to some of the concerns from residents , ward 6 councilor Chiwanza, “Chitungwiza is not a water authority. As Council we wish the town to be a water authority through Muda dam in the long term . In the short term we want to drill more boreholes” .

Speaking at the event, Chitungwiza Municipality Director (Water) Zenda said that only Muda dam project is the answer to the perennial water challenge.

He added that government has since taken over the Muda dam project.

“The Muda dam project is now a government project
We have done our part interms of the feasibility study. In terms of figures I’m not comfortable to comment.”

Speaking to Bustop TV News a resident, Paidaishe Manhizhu of ward 2 had this to say about the water situation in Chitungwiza

“Water is a problem. We rely on borehole water which sometimes is not available . We end up buying from those who sell water”.

For Grace gumbo of ward 9, the water situation is dire.

“We are appealing for water ,we survive of bouzers , it’s a problem for us. As young girls we are being abused at these public water points.”

As for Elizabeth Kativhu of ward 8 ” boreholes are temporary. It’s not easy to carry water, we don’t want to rely on boreholes. It’s mixed with sewage. We want tap water.”

Owen Tsaura who is the director of Youth Against Corruption said that the only solution to the water challenges in Chitungwiza is the Muda dam.

“We want Muda dam project to be transparent . now that the project is commencing we don’t want corruption to stall that noble program”

According to Chitungwiza Municipality Director (Water) it requires 70 megaliters of water per day , however the domitory town is getting paltry 3 megaliters per day.

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