Chinhoyi family digs yard in search of hidden treasure


The search for treasure left by a deceased relative in 2004 has seen a Chinhoyi family doing the unthinkable after digging up the family yard.

The late Vingie Gavi, a member of the Mutandwa family, died in prison after being convicted of robbery leaving a windfall from the robbery supposedly hidden in the family yard.

More than a decade on, his daughter Mellissa, apparently possessed by the spirit of her late father instructed the family to dig up the yard where the treasure is hidden.

A neighbour Mrs Faith Huni confirmed the development.

“We heard that the deceased man who was a known thief spoke as a spirit through his daughter pointing out that there was money in the form of United States dollars and South African Rand he left hidden underground.”

Vingie’s widow, Nelia Mutandwa is adamant they will find what they are looking for.

“I know for sure that he left a fortune. It’s only that we were not aware as to where exactly he hid it. We used to think he left it in the mountains.”

The late Vingie’s daughter, Melissa is also convinced that she is being led by her father’s spirit.

“I heard that I went into a trance after my father’s spirits spoke through me as the medium. I also believe there is money here.”

As of this Friday afternoon, nothing had been found, amid claims that the spirit said police should not be present for them to succeed in the endeavour.

Credit: ZBC News