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Chiedza Youths Target Chitown Drug Hotspots

by Bustop TV News

By Lloyd Takawira

Chitungwiza based, Chiedza community development trust is intensifying substance abuse awareness campaigns in drug hotspot areas such as St Mary’s, Seke unit D , E and H .

Speaking during their first dialogue meeting held at Independent Africa Church in Zengeza 1 ward 8, where about 50 participants mainly youths drawn from St Mary’s and Zengeza were gathered, event coordinator, Willie Pandukani said Chiedza Community Trust intends to romp in more players in the fight against drug and substance abuse in Chitungwiza.

He said, “Youths in Chitungwiza are engaging in high drug and substance abuse. We are targeting mainly the hotspots like St Mary’s and Zengeza and Seke areas.

“We intend to start road shows raising awareness at hotspots, training of community leaders on drugs and substance abuse control mechanisms, educate and raise awareness door to door,tightening boarder security to curb the influx of drugs and substance on the market, reporting drug and substance peddlers through whistle brower and snubbing political candidates who offer youths drugs and substance during political campaigns to gain support from the poor youths”.

For Faith Gumbo, one of the youth activist said, “Activities such as raising awareness campaigns on drug and substance abuse for example dialogues, clean up campaigns and partnering with other organizations that advocate for drug and substance abuse issues can help to deal with the drug and substance abuse in the dormitory town of Chitungwiza”.

In an interview with Bustop TV after the event, Pendukani said youths have resorted to drugs and substance abuse in Chitungwiza  due to unemployment.

“The main causes of the drug and substance abuse among the youths is unemployment, school drop outs,idleness, poverty, economic challenges, stress and peer pressure, these has been causing a lot of effects to youths individual and community at large who are now engaging in sex parties, mental health complications that may lead to death”. 

Buttressing her colleagues resolve for a drug free society in Chitungwiza, Maka Moyo one of the facilitators of the event said as youths have to act to save a generation

“The effects of drug and substance abuse are worrying in Chitungwiza. Rising suicidal cases,mental health, hallucinations, lack of bath,lack of self control, violence, lack of respect to the elders and family elders,bleak future for the community, loss of promising talent and engaging in sex parties . All these challenges can wipe away a generation,” said Maka Moyo.

Drug and substance abuse in Chitungwiza and Zimbabwe at large has become a menace. With rising poverty and unemployment, many youths due to idleness have resorted to drugs.

Chiedza Community Trust meeting

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