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Chi-town municipal workers owed 50 months salary arrears

by Kudakwashe Vhenge

By Staff Reporter

Chitungwiza Municipality workers who are owed salary arrears of up to 50 months have demanded the payment of their dues including bonuses by their employer before 31 December 2020 .

This was made known by the Chitungwiza Municipal Workers Union (CMWU), which houses more than 80% of all council unionized workers at a multi-stakeholders press briefing that was held in Seke Chitungwiza recently.

Also present at the joint press conference were civil society and residence organizations namely Chitungwiza Community Development Network (CCDN), Chitungwiza Residence Trust (CHITREST) and Chitungwiza and Manyame Rural Residence Association (CAMERA).

Chitungwiza municipal workers are some of the poorly remunerated employees  in the country with the general hand earning a paltry 2 500 RTGS$ against the country’s inflation backdrop of up to 900% which demands a family shopping basket to be around 20 000 RTGS$.

This has fuelled corrupt tendencies and demoralized the workers in executing their duties thereby jeopardizing service delivery in the dormitory town.

Chitungwiza Municipal Workers Union President and Spokesperson Reverend Ephraim Katsina bemoaned the salary arrears that workers have incurred for over 40 months at the expense of top management who are well remunerated.

“Workers have salary arrears of between 40-50 months while management is living large. The current Human Resources department is in disarray and whoever is manning it needs to have their heads examined. Casual workers too, have gone for months without being paid, right now they are being paid a salary less than the government gazette minimum wage of RTGS$2 500,” said Rev Katsina.

He further lamented over the lack of will by the council to give its employees residential stands opting to connive with land barons in parceling out land without taking due procedures.

Recently in an act of protest, over 1 000 municipal workers were reported to have invaded Mhundwa Village under Manyame Rural District Council and started pegging out stands for themselves in grazing pastures and fields.

Chitrest Director Alice Kuvheya also weighed inn calling for the need to rally and mobilize all concerned actors to fight for improved service delivery in Chitungwiza by combatting municipal corruption through enhanced access to municipal information which improves accountability, transparency and good governance in municipal operations.

Kuvheya also took a swipe at corruption at the council offices and demanded the arrest of land barons who are prejudicing the council of potential revenue and exploiting land not fit for construction such as wetlands and spaces meant for recreational purposes.

“The municipality must take serious action in curbing rampant corruption within the rank and file of its workforce, management, Councilors and politically connected individuals who are illegally parceling and selling state and council land.

“Land barons must be reported to police and Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission by Council. Not reporting land barons equate to deliberate commissioning of what is wrong while omitting what is right.  Land barons must face justice and reimburse Council and victims of funds fleeced,” said Kuvheya.

Other demands stated by  council employees included an upward review of their salaries, reinstatement of all workers who won their cases at the courts following unlawful dismissals, all managerial position holders who have reached 60 years of age and above to be retired as per council resolution among others.  

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