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Chamisa vows more protests in 2021

by Kudakwashe Vhenge

By Llyod Takawira

OPPOSITION leader, Nelson Chamisa has vowed to apply more antigovernmental demonstrations which he described as “peaceful resistance to one party state”.

Chamisa said this while presenting his “Zimbabwe Agenda 2021”, Tuesday in Harare.

He added that his party, MDC Alliance had faced the crisis of the COVID19 pandemic and that of ‘authoritarianism’ where the regime embarked on a relentless assault and onslaught upon democracy and his party.

“2020 was a difficult year, but we survived adverse forces that where aimed against us. That in itself is a strong testimony of the strength of the idea that we represent and the undying spirit of our people. 

“The oppressors engineered the expulsion of our democratically elected representatives from Parliament and local authorities.”

Chamisa said that in 2021 his party will resist and  consolidate the dreams and aspirations of all progressive Zimbabweans.

“The year 2021 will be marked with peaceful resistance and resilience. We will peacefully resist and oppose evictions, demolitions and any violations of people’s freedom and citizens’ rights. We will peacefully resist and oppose all unconstitutional acts. We will peacefully resist and oppose weaponization of law and the justice system. We will peacefully resist and oppose the illegitimate, the oppressors that rigged the election”. 

This year the MDC Alliance will work towards what he termed “Citizens Convergence for Change”.

“Our agenda for 2021 is to bring citizens together under A NEW CONSENSUS, A NEW CONVERGENCE, A NEW ALLIANCE a broad tent, to speak with one voice, act and win Zimbabwe for change.” 

“The theme of Agenda 2021 is informed by three key words, namely, Citizens, Convergence and Change (reforms). These three concepts are in turn informed first and foremost by the party’s strategic thrust to locate itself and its program of action with the people”.

The MDC Alliance leader said that his party will pursue 5 key areas as follows “the people’s agenda, the citizens national agenda, the reforms agenda, the government agenda, the global agenda, the agenda for young people.” 

He went on to add that defections in his party is a shedding process.

“We do not regard those who have left as losses, but as an important shedding off of elements that impede and slow down the democratic struggle.” said Chamisa.

On the contentious Harvest House saga, Chamisa alleged that they were forcibly removed from their home and that the money entitled to them under the political finance act was stripped away from them.

“Our party headquarters was forcibly occupied, depriving us of our home.

The regime also diverted our funding under the Political Parties (Finance) Act, giving it to its surrogates. The purpose of all this was to punish our party for resisting the illegitimacy of the outcome of the 2018 elections, which lacked credibility and acceptability.

“The oppressors believed by stripping us of our assets and entitlements under the law would dampen our spirits and break us down. This has not worked. It will never work. Zimbabwean people are politically literate and advanced. They can distinguish between right and wrong. They know that some are being used by the oppressor as a scheme to derail the people’s struggle,” said Chamisa.

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