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Celcius to revive career at Chill Pill

by BustopTV

By Trevor Makonyonga

This week‘s edition of the Chill Pill Friday to be held at the usual venue, Pakare Paye Arts Centre, will offer one of Zimdancehall’stalented but fading Celcius a chance to reconnect with the fans.

Celcius who has seen his star fade before it really lit will be launching a singles collection at the Chill Pill on November 29.

Speaking, event organiser and resident DJ,  Shepherd ‘DJ Mockery’ Birima of Kings of Weekend confirmed that Celcius will be at the event this Friday.

DJ Mockery said, “This Friday we will be hosting one of the locals’ finest in Celcius. He is this week launching a singles collection. Tomorrow he will be at ZiFM and we will have him on Friday.

Celcius had been off the radar for a while and the hope is that he gets a hit or something close to a hit that relaunches his career.

Meanwhile, Friday will also see DJ Mockery Video Jockeying, a phenomenon which is not popular in Norton. 

This will the fifth straight Chill Pill Friday since the event had stopped over half a year ago. 

Celcius will be the biggest headliner since the return of the show and the event is set to reestablish the once lousy Friday at Pakare Page.

DJ Mockery and Jeffrey “MC Kili Kili” Ndlovu shared that the event has been rediscovering it’s popularity since it had been stopped. 

They said, “You would know that the Friday gigs were started by Marlic and DJ Bvambu but they had since stopped. We then stepped in working with Fay Mutukudzi to reestablish the Friday night shows. We are on our fifth now and we feel that we now have to invite bigger artists. Nortonians deserve that and we will deliver. We have had good support and we do have some regulars already.”

DJ Mockery, who (jokingly) said that he can play 9 million songs in seconds, said that these coming weeks will be interesting as some really big names will be coming.

He said, “We will be having some heavyweights in the coming weeks. We will be having top sounds and artists so everyone has to keep up brace. Pakare is home on Friday.

Since the death of Dr Oliver Mtukudzi Pakare seems to have been mourning as the weekends have been lousy. Activity started to pick up when Munya Mataruse came back from Canada taking his Sunday slots which had been filled by Mbeu. Due to his tight schedule, Mbeu was not always available. Now that the Chill Pill Friday is taking place and Munya has taken Sundays, Pakare Paye seems alive again.

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