From giving you rib-cracking yet critical video skits, informed online television programs, interviews, commercials and short documentaries, Bustop officially ushers you to BUSTOP NEWS a news bulletin’ and current affairs online platform which seeks to keep subscribers well informed about social, economic and political issues happening in and around the country.
As part celebrating our 5th anniversary on 25 November, the initiative signifies growth of the brand BUSTOP, an unending appetite of telling the Zimbabwean story as well as reaching out to a larger audience.

Consisting of young vibrant journalists with diverse background dotted throughout the country, the publication seeks to bridge the gap of the polarised nature of the Zimbabwe media environment by providing news that is fair, objective, balanced, truthful and accurate. In trying to meet the demands of news consumption by audiences in modern days, BUSTOP NEWS seeks to complement our already existing multimedia approach by giving you a thorough and detailed analysis of trending issues in the society.

With the proliferation of fake news and highly partisan coverage that hurts public interest, BUSTOP NEWS intend to guarantee integrity by being a credible source of news information.
We therefore look forward to cooperation from news sources, corporate world, consumers through constant interaction on our various social media networks.
Brace yourself for informed news coverage