Home News Bulawayo girl (16) gang raped.

Bulawayo girl (16) gang raped.

by BustopTV

By Lloyd Takawira

In a saddening story that has rattled the Bulawayo community and the country at large, a 16-year old girl was allegedly gang raped by a pirate Honda Fit crew in Bulawayo.

National Police Spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the incident.

“The girl boarded a silver-grey Honda Fit in the CBD going to Mahatshula at around 6PM on Sunday and the driver who was in the company of two other men diverted route and went to Suburbs where they took turns to rape her”

Ass Comm Nyathi also said

” the three suspects dumped the girl at the scene and drove off at high speed.

“We are appealing to those that might have information leading to the arrest of the suspects to contact any nearest police station,”

Ass Comm Nyathi urged parents to ensure children are accompanied especially at night.

He also urged members of the public to use registered public transport as pirate taxis are mostly driven by criminals

A lot of people have been raped or robbed after boarding private vehicles, especially Honda Fits and Fany Cargo that in most cases have no registration number plates.

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