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Budget should set aside budget for the vulnerable groups

by BustopTV

Story By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Women’s affairs portfolio held a consultative priority proposals meeting at Masvingo Mucheke Hall last week and the concern was for the vulnerable groups to be budgeted for as most of them cannot afford to meet all of their demands.

Present were members of the Parliament, Senate and different organisations that represent women in the province.

Different views were shared and the most issue that was of peoples concern was that of vulnerable groups who have a limited access to certain resources.

Alice Mashinge from the Ministry of Woman’s Affairs Community and SMES Development said that there is need to set aside a budget to train more people in sign language.

“A lot of people with disabilities especially the deaf and dumb are having difficulties when it comes to communication in various institutions hence it becomes a problem for them to get help when they need it. People with disability need to be trained for sign language for there to be easy communication, there is no need to have many channels for communication, and there should be one way communication.

“When these people need help they should get it immediately and there should not be assumptions of what they will be trying to say and their cases will be distorted, said Mashinge.

Representing the Masvingo City Council, Elizabeth Madhuku noted that those at the Old Peoples Institutions also need to have a budget set aside for them.

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