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Bread price set to go up again

by BustopTV

By Lloyd Takawira

The move by the Grain Marketing Board to hike the price of wheat is set to trigger bread price increase .

GMB has increased the price of wheat from $3548 to $5900 per tonne .

National Bakers Association,’s Mr Denis Wala said

“the imminent wheat price hike is due to an increase in the cost of many raw materials not only wheat:

When we are looking at the issue of raw materials we are not only looking at flour but there is also issue of electricity and we all know that Zesa recently reviewed its tariffs.”

The move comes barely a week after bakeries reduced the price of bread by a small margin.

Consumers who spoke to this reporter expressed mixed feelings over the imminent bread price hike .

Mbuya Munya from Chitugwiza had this to say ,” isu takarega kudya chingwa kare mwanangu hatitochizivi ”

Another consumer Joseph Dzikiti who is a vendor in the avenues areas had made a joke about the bread price ;

“young man now takutoti tikaona munhu ane chingwa totomumisa toti hesi chingwa ko wakadiiko , tichakudyawo rini ”

However some expressed anger with Cecilia a vendor in town saying : ” unomboziva here kuti ichochi chingwa ndochakakonzeresa pa Sudan apo ”

Maneta a UZ student expressed her resentment saying , “you know chingwa tochida ende now we were getting used to this price chokwira futi it’s hectic “

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