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Bikita man beds daughter as he is sexually starved

by BustopTV

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

A man from Bikita blamed his wife for making her bed his own daughter 14 after she continuously denied him his conjugal rights.

Philemon Muchademana 39 from Bikita said that his wife was refusing to have sex with him and this led to him finding comfort in daughter whom he said seemed to understand him a lot much better than her mother.

Muchademana said that he did not rape his own daughter as she also agreed to it.

“My daughter could see that l was miserable and she understood me very well than my own wife. So l told her my situation and I told her if we have sex, then will go back to the normal and happy family we always had. She agreed to it and that is when we started having sex,” he said. 

The couple had gone for close to six months without intimacy.

The incident happened from 12 February this year according to police report until the wife Chenai Phiri started suspecting the two were sexually involved and made a report to the police after she confronted herdaughter and she agreed to having been sexually active with his father. She said she did this as a way to fix the family disputes as her father had told her, she thought she will ease the family tension.

A report was made which led to the arrest of the accused who is currently leading the police with investigations.

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