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Beware of the Venus Flytrap , Nelson Chamisa warned

by BustopTV

By Lloyd Takawira
Over the past days, former South African President Thabo Mbeki has been in-country meeting Zimbabwe’s political players at the invitation of President Mnangagwa .

Thabo Mbeki is not new to the Zimbabwean crisis, having brokered the 2009 impasse culminating in the GNU which lasted for five years until 2013

However, prominent opposition leading lights and the Accademia has been cossy and critical of the Mbeki’s overtures with analyst’s saying any dialogue without addressing fundamentals reforms will not address the Zimbabwean crisis.

Former advisor in the Prime Ministers Office and Constitutional Law expert Dr Alex Magaisa used an analogous to warn the opposition

” The Venus Flytrap is a fascinating plant. It feeds on insects. When an insect lands on its surface, the plant shuts its jaws instantly locking in its prey. It produces a substance that breaks down the insect into a form that can be absorbed. That way, the plant survives & grows.

Magaisa went on to say

“When you see Cde Thabo giving audience to regime enablers masquerading as an opposition you have to tread with extreme caution; it’s a trick!”

Prominent journalist and human rights activist Mr Hopewell Chin’ono had this to say

” The Thabo Mbeki & POLAD charade shouldn’t shock you, Mbeki endorsed POLAD 6 months ago. They want to bring in @nelsonchamisa into a bogus plan to engage with the likes of @ProfMadhuku and @gutuobert.

NOTHING meaningful will emerge from a PUPPET project by Mnangagwa to buy time”

MDC secretary for education Fadzai Mahere said “If there’s to be a dialogue between political actors in Zimbabwe, it must avoid quick-fix solutions. Dialogue must aim to transform the state’s ineffectual institutions & vaccinate the toxic political system. This is the only way we can achieve sustainable change & social cohesion.”

Analysts have been critical of the timing of Former President Mbeki to Harare with Dr Pedzisai Ruhanya saying

” President Mbeki has come to Zimbabwe to support ZANU PF and President Mnangagwa. He has come to legitimise POLAD. This is my huge take @nelsonchamisa and MDC. If not careful you will find yourself with Mteki and those coopted ZANU PF wannabes. Mbeki is clearly a regime enabler”

However, SADC Executive Secretary Dr Stagomemna Tax pleaded for patience from the Zimbabwean people

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