Beast Mtawarira for WWE?

By Trevor Makonyonga

The world could have just seen Springbok most capped prop of all time, Tendai ‘Beast’ Mtawarira being recruited into the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) organisation by Kofi Kingston on Instagram live this past Thursday.

Former WWE World champion Kofi Kingston of Ghana hosted Beast on his Instagram where the two were discussing how they had made it to being top in their fields despite coming from Africa. The conversation swung fluidly as both athletes showed respect for each other until Kofi Kingston decided to ambush a very unaware Beast by asking him if he (Beast) would ever consider being a WWE superstar.

“For me, right in college I played a lot of sports in college and rugby was one of them. I can fully without doubt say that I think we played like one or two games, it’s is a very difficult sport and I will never get on to a rugby field to play again. It’s a too tough sport to play and you will have to be a beast to play. For me I will never be able to do what you do but my question is would you ever consider being a WWE superstar because we have people from different walks of life.

“We got former NBA players, former NFL players, former models we got people from all walks of life to become WWE superstars. Actually we had Cesaro who came in as a rugby player obviously not on the same level as you even though in my opinion he is one of the best wrestlers in the world but you are the beast and also I feel like the name you got it, the body you got it you got everything it takes to be a WWE superstar so my question is would you ever consider stepping inside a squared circle?” asked Kingstone.

Kofi Kingstone

Obviously not expecting the question, the former Bok mumbled through the first part of his answer although he regained his composure and accepted that he would love to appear on WWE even just for once.

“You know I have been a fan of the WWE since I was a kid. It would be amazing to realise something like that because like I said I looked up to people like Hulk Hogan I looked up to the Rock and for me to actually have an opportunity to come to the WWE even on a once-off appearance man I would be so excited because I think it’s one of the most incredible television shows out there and I think a lot of African kids get to watch WWE.

“You know you practice all your super slams with all your brothers and sisters. To actually have an opportunity to come to the WWE I would relish that man so let’s see what happens maybe you can open some doors big man,” said Mtawarira.

After giving this answer, Kofi then laid out what he had in mind where he seemed to insinuate that Beast could be a perfect member of the New Day since the muscle of the current New Day setup is now with a smackdown.

“So we are having it it’s official, I’m gonna do everything in my power to see if I can get you in that ring. Understand that I don’t really have much power, I don’t really have my lot of it, I don’t have many strokes but I m gonna put it the universe especially now because Big E our third partner of the New Day is on Smackdown and we, myself and (Xavier) Woods are on Raw and of cause, we are interconnected we’ll always but connected but it’s a lot harder now without the muscle on our team so I’m seeing your quads.

Like this guy has got some explosiveness, some muscle so like I said I am going to try and do everything within my power to make sure once everything goes back to normal that you get inside the WWE with your boys. From until then, I suggest you start working on your hips and you start swag on around because that’s what the New Day does more important than anything else. You gotta be able to have a good set of hips to squabble around and show the people that we can move so you work on that and I work on my part,” Kingston said.

The ambush worked pretty well on Beast who said that he would work on the areas Kofi pointed.

Beast said, “I appreciate it Kofi man. I will definitely work on my hips because I am not the most flexible guy and some of the things you do in that ring is pretty daunting man and pretty scary so I don’t wanna get injured so I will make sure that I prepare myself and I pray that you open that door. And just to mention, I know JBL (John “Bradshaw” Layfield) pretty well. I met him when I was in DC and he is a big rugby fan that’s how we met. And he was actually saying it will be great to have the Beast in a WWE ring,” said Beast.

Kofi seemed to confirm that the likelihood of Beast being in the squared circle is high. He highlighted that JBL is a big rugby so Beast might stand a chance.

“When you get into the WWE remember who brought you in there, I don’t want you getting mad at me, I don’t like being body-slammed but I do it well.”