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Artist releases Christmas song

by BustopTV

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Masvingo – Masvingo Jazz artist, Blessing Maramba known as WeKwaMaramba has released a song for the festive season titled Kisimusi.

The song “Kisimusi” was inspired by the festive season and how Zimbabweans relate to the day. It raises memories of how we were as people in the past.

The festive season Zimbabweans used to have and the festive season Zimbabweans are experiencing now is a different story to tell as one wonders what could have transpired that led to such a paradigm shift.

Kisimusi is an entertainment song.

“Kisimusi sends a different message as it is an entertainment song which provokes the thoughts on how we as Zimbabweans no longer have time to gather as one big happy family like we used to do in the past. People used to gather in the rural areas enjoying spending time with each other and doing the simplest of things,” he said.

He added that back then the concept of Ubuntu was being upheld.

“People used to do the simplest but important things that kept the spine of the society. We were never too busy but rather knew and valued the Ubuntu concept, ‘Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu’ ‘Munhu munhu nevanhu’ I am because you are,’ said Maramba.

He decide to come up with the song as he saw it was important to have a Christmas Carol.

“The song was initially an idea that roused in a conversation between me and my business partner, Engineer Emmanuel Sakala. Originally it was meant to be a simple Christmas Carol that we related to as Africans, but then on penning the song ideas and thoughts led to the song that is now Kisimusi,” said the Jazz singer.

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