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Accountability, Integrity Panel , MDC’s redemption from the ZANU PF same bracket tag

by BustopTV

By Lloyd Takawira

“They are all the same !!! ZANU PF and MDC are all the same !!! “. This was the conversation that gripped a group of young man and women waiting for a ZUPCO bus enroute Bindura yesterday.

I took interest in the conversation to which l realize that the same tag bracketing MDC and ZANU PF has been gathering traction especially on social media.

This week “Zimorning Post ” an online Tabloid carried a story in which the reporter Fany Mapfumo wrote that an Accountability and Integrity

Commission appointed by Advacate Nelson Chamisa is set to sweep on Harare City Council (HCC) seeking to sanitise council .

MDC’s Accountability and Integrity Panel (AIP) Chairperson Thabani Mpofu according to Zimorning Post says his team will investigate the conduct of business by Harare City Council (HCC) councillors in the coming weeks.

Folks its an agreed notion that whilst ZANU PF is the grandmaster of corruption the MDC is equally guilty of the same charges especially at local government level .

The Accountability and Integrity Panel is a noble idea whose timing should actually differentiate ZANU PF and MDC in terms of dealing with graft .

Talk by the ruling party that the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission is doing wonders has been rubbished by many and with the Transparency International Global Corruption Index Report flying in the face of Harare administration confirming what many have been saying that the whole corruption charade by the ruling ZANU PF is all drama disguised to buy time until 2023 .

The MDC having been preaching about the need for transparency in all sectors of the economy should use its noble idea to weane out corrupt malcontents that have been tarnishing the party’s image .

Distinguish yourself

The tag of being labelled equally guilty of the same charges as the ruling party does not fare well for a party that taunts itself as alternative.

Since the formation of the country’s biggest opposition party in 1999 its biggest undoing has always been its officials local government level who have been accused of corruption.

At one point the late MDC leader Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai (may his soul rest in power ) had to fire councillors in Chitungwiza implicated in illegal Sale of land .

The recent Justice Uchena led land commission’s report which mainly implicated ruling party connected officials also implicate opposition officials.

The alternative hope that the MDC presents itself bouyed by its energetic and charismatic leader Advocate Nelson Chamisa should be put to pragmatism by executing justice . There should not be sacred cows among the corrupt and inept.

Dont critique for the sake of critiquing should be amongst the MDC’s agenda.

Quoting Advocate Mpofu he said the panel would

“Efficiency and effectiveness benefit everyone, whether from MDC or Zanu PF because issues of service delivery benefit everyone since we all use the same potholed roads, reticulation system and shops,”

Given that the Accountability Integrity Panel does its job without fear and favour. Given that Mr Chamisa and his company deals without fear or favour, the culture of corruption invoving public officials will be reduced hence the alternative in the MDC will not be questioned.

The MDC should set a precedent that it abhors corruption. That it abhors ineptitude. That it is different from Zanu PF .

Chitungwiza -The hub of corruption

The investigative panel should not only spooky its nose in Harare but should swoop on Chitungwiza.

The case of Chitungwiza folks is deplorable. The dormitory town which is controlled by the MDC has been the hub of corruption.

The MDC should show character make sure that all councillors and officials in Chitungwiza who are involved in illegal sale of state land are chucked out .

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