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A Legend at 20

by BustopTV

By Trevor Makonyonga

Many 20 year olds would still be looking at what they can do with their lives. Some will be in universities pursuing degree programs or just at college seeking professional qualifications.

For Sensei Sneider Adam, the case is not like that. His path is well set and he has been living it since he was just but a little boy. He chose a life of sport and has been following it ever since.

Born on the 27th of December 1998 and having been introduced into the field of martial arts at the age 4 by his Dad Sensei Wilson Adam, Sneider’s star seemed to have beckoned at an early age.

Being the Last Born in the family of two boy’s, Sneider would have easily sort for other careers running away from the family sport like what his brother Yasin Sinclair Adam did. Both the brother were trained martial arts but later on Yasin decided to drop martial arts and to focus more on his academics.

Sneider hung on and at 20 has achieved a lot and to think of some of his achievements, very few people can make in their lifetimes. Just recently, on November 9 and 10 to be precise, he competed in 75kgs Category and Open Weight Category at the 10th Anniversary of Japanese Ambassadors Karate Tournament which was held at (OYDC) Olympic Youth Development Centre in Zambia were he won in the categories he went for.

Although he did well academically, Sneider says his passion for martial arts has led him to stick to the sport.

Schneider said, “I did my Primary School at Glen Norah 7 primary school from grade 1 to 7 then went to Glen Norah 1 High up to upper 6. I did well on my academics but my passion is in Martial Arts, changing the lives in Ghetto as well as giving back to the community.

“I’ve since opened a club at ZRP Glen Norah police station and l have been the ZRP Karate Instructor since 2017,” he added

The young martial artist gave a recollected on his achievements since he started going professional.

Since I started competing I’ve won many titles, being the most technical fighter, former 2017 African Champion, Best fighter, first African youngest black belt holder amongst other titles. This month’s tournament in Zambia is my 38th tournament since I started competing and I’ve got 38 awards and 67 medals which include Gold,Silver and bronze” he narrated.

The sensei who was graded with a black belt when he was just 15 said that he wishes to use martial arts to help other people in life. He said that he wants to take the youths off the streets using martial arts.

In his most recent success, 5 countries showed up in Zambia which are Zimbabwe, Namibia, Malawi, DRC, Zambia. Sensei Sneider beat Gregory Mandala of Zambia by a split decision. Sneider has competed in various world championships and is truly a beckoning light for his age mates and the nation at large.

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