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4KUS leads Zimbabwe’s film industry in the battle against drug abuse, championing education and awareness

by Bustop TV News

By Panashe Kaseke

In a society grappling with the growing menace of drug and substance abuse, a new film, “4KUS,” emerges as a beacon of hope and awareness.

4KUS, a Zimbabwean film written and directed by Billy Kabasa, premiered on Africa Day, May 25, in Harare. The film tackles the themes of ambition, friendship, and the perils of drug addiction, raising awareness and advocating for education in an era where Zimbabwe struggles with drug and substance abuse.

The film delves into the lives of young people entangled in the dangerous world of drugs, focusing on the determined journey of Princess, a bright and ambitious student who fights to rescue her friends from addiction.

“4KUS is more than just a film; it’s a call to action,” said Billy Kabasa, the film’s writer and director.

“Through Princess’s courageous struggle, the film challenges viewers to rethink their perceptions of success, friendship, and the dire consequences of addiction. It pushes the audience to find the strength within themselves to combat the drug pandemic that has infiltrated Zimbabwe’s educational institutions and youth.”

“The film’s backdrop highlights a harsh reality. Secondary and tertiary institutions in Zimbabwe have become hotspots for drug consumption and distribution, often targeted by traffickers due to the perceived innocence and lack of scrutiny on students. This alarming trend inspired the creation of ‘4KUS,’ aiming to shed light on the crisis and foster a dialogue for change.”

“The film seeks to achieve several critical objectives, including education and empowerment. 4KUS aims to educate youths on resisting the temptations of drug use, support users in overcoming addiction, safeguard the future of Zimbabwean youth, and eradicate drug use through impactful drug education,” he added.

Beyond its anti-drug message, “4KUS” also advocates for girls’ education and the crucial role of education in the arts. It illustrates how education can empower artists to create impactful work that drives societal change.

Victoria Maposa, the assistant director and actress in the film, emphasized how effectively the film addresses the theme of women and girl child empowerment.

“As the female assistant director and actress involved in ‘4KUS,’ I believe the film effectively addresses the theme of women and girl child empowerment. While the primary focus may be on the anti-drug message, it also subtly portrays the strength and resilience of its female characters, showcasing their abilities to overcome challenges and empower themselves.

“In ‘4KUS,’ we see female characters who are not merely victims but active participants in their own lives. One of them, Princess, is portrayed as a strong, intelligent, and determined individual who strives to make a positive change. Through her actions and decisions, she challenges societal norms and stereotypes,” she said.

“By promoting education and showing the positive impact it can have on women’s lives, ‘4KUS’ sends a powerful message about the importance of providing opportunities and support for the empowerment of young girls,” said Victoria.

As Zimbabwe continues to battle the scourge of drug abuse, “4KUS” stands out as a vital tool in the fight. It raises awareness and advocates for a brighter, drug-free future through the power of education and artistic expression.

The producers plan to take the film to local schools and initiate discussions concerning the issue.

“We want to take the film to schools and universities, including communities. We want as many people as possible to watch the film so the message is sent out to everyone,” said Ngoni Alex Robbins, one of the film’s executive producers, actors, and funders.

“Schools can use this as a massive tool because young kids watch films. Discussion groups can then be held after the film to discuss the lessons students have learned from the characters,” said Ngoni.

“4KUS” is set to spark conversations and inspire actions that could change the lives of many young Zimbabweans, guiding them towards a path of education and away from the perils of drug addiction.

The majority of the financial support to produce the film was provided by Ngoni Alex Robbins and Premier Business School, which has a strong commitment to students and saw value in supporting the vision to reach students before drug dealers do.

Starring Victoria Maposa, Kundai Mabviko, Pearl Ngwenya, Zoe Jandles, Frosty A.Gande, Cherron Phillips, Paul Zibgowa, Ryan Hussein, Michael Gototsi, Innocent Makoni, Taku Murapa, Blekks Makwara, Blessed Shayamano, Cosmas Chisepo, Sir Ngoni Alex Robbins, Elliot Koh, DJ Mox, Devante Britten, Ngoni Vere, Daniel Hodges, Jack D and Fadzai Gwenhe, the film was produced by Sir Ngoni Alex Robbins and Billy Kabasa.

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