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22 females are raped in Zimbabwe daily: Gender report

by BustopTV

By Trevor Makonyonga

A gathering on 16 Days of Activism against gender based violence which was organised by Women Coalition of Zimbabwe (WCoZ) on Saturday November 30 revealed that at least 22 women and girls are raped daily in Zimbabwe.

Addressing over 5000 women at Gwanzura Stadium, an official from the rape clinic revealed that in 2019 about 22 women are raped in the country daily.

“According to a report by the Gender Commission, about 22 women are raped in Zimbabwe daily,” she said.

These statistics have been said to be alarming by Padare/Enkudhleni’s Programmes Officer, Jonathan Memory Chindewere.

“The statistics that have been given are alarming. To us as men it shows that we have 22 men raping women daily which is worrisome and a cause for concern. Those 22 women are sisters, daughters, your niece, someone you know and wives,” he said.

Chindewere noted that there was need for men to be involved in the dialogue concerning GBV issue.

“It will not make an impact to make women to discuss alone. We need men and boys to come in as soon as possible. We believe that men are capable to love and men are able to be positive partners. We need to dialogue with men. Look at the stands there are over five thousand women but there are under five hundred men. When women speak alone sometimes people do not listen to them.”said Chindewere.

His sentiments were shared by Padare Norton chapter chairman, Collin Chumba, who said that men are excluded in GBV issues whilst they are said to be the major perpetrators of GBV.

“How can you have most of the victims sit to discuss alone without the perpetrators? Men are highly unlikely not to report if they are violated. In this case, I would say the only thing women will be able to discuss about is how to defend themselves after they have been violated but in terms of behaviour change, men have to be targeted. We have to do more awareness campaigns focusing on men. We are mostly targeting the violated whilst neglecting the perpetrator which needs to be changed. We have a collective responsibility to engage men, “he said.

Padare also hosted a pledge ceremony where men in the crowd signed as proof of their commitment to fight against GBV.

It was not all serious business as there were various acts to keep the crowd at ease and entertained.

The entertainment was provided by such acts as Kapfupi, Nasibo, Prudence Katomeni and Patsime Trust.

The same event will be happening in Bulawayo on December 7 this year.

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