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$1.2million needed for Solar Energy

by BustopTV

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Masvingo –Masvingo City Council requires US $1.2million for the purchase of solar panels as an alternative for electricity to pump water for its residents

The city council is failing to pump water to the residents as Bushmead water works is being affected by power cuts.

According to the City Mayor Collen Maboke the solar panels need to be purchased next year. The purchase of the solar panels was not included in the 2020 budget; but now the council is left with no option but to have an allocation for the buying of the solar panels.

“Purchasing of solar panels is in the pipeline, we need $1.2million for the purchasing of solar panels for us to use so as to curb the issue of electricity as we continue facing power cuts at Bushmead. We are getting electricity for five hours a day and this is not enough as we have to pump water 24 hours a day so that the water will be adequate for everything in the City. Lack of electricity has led to lack of water in the City.

“Going for solar energy was not in the budget but we are now left with no option and we have to make sure our budget includes it since the budget we had last week has not been submitted yet so we are going to adjust,” said Maboke.

Maboke said the usage of solar will also save the council $2million RTGS they pay for electricity.

“We realised that going for solar energy is the best and it will save us a lot of money as we have to pay Council $2million RTGS for electricity. So solar panels will save us a fortune and even if we do not get electricity in the near future we will not have to worry. Solar energy is now the best alternative for us.

“Using a generator was also costly for us as we needed 360 litres per hour for us to be able to run the machines at the water works and at the same time will be using two generators amounting to a total of 720 litres per hour.

“So this is very costly for the council and the best option now is solar energy and save a lot, and benefit the whole majority,” he said.

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