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Zimbabwe clears Eskom debt.

by BustopTV

By Trevor Makonyonga

Zimbabwe has paid its US$33 million debt it owed to South Africa’s Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd.

Energy and Power Development Minister Fortune Chasi took to microblogging site, Twitter, to celebrate this feat.

“Hard to believe but ESCOM has, in fact now been paid off. Eskom was paid the last US$890,000.00 for imports during this week. This means Zesa can now negotiate for additional supplies if available. Attention now turns to HCB (Mozambique),” he wrote

South Africa had cut off Zimbabwe in 2019 which led the two countries to negotiate on a payment strategy where Zimbabwe was to pay US$890 000 weekly to clear the debt.

Coincidentally, the country has experienced undisrupted electricity supply lately.

With power being available now, could it be that because the debt is paid off so the Eskom and ZESA have entered a new deal? Or simply because the industries are locked down so all power is concentrated to residential areas and farms?

As the Minister was elated at this paying up of debts as he continued to post on Twitter, it could be a sign that greater things could be coming.

Chasi further tweeted, “Mushonga wechikwereti kuchibhadhara (The only remedy for a debt is paying it up.)”

Maybe the Batoka project will finally kick start and the power generation in the country could increase. But, in the earlier tweet the Minister showed us that he was willing to renegotiate with Eskom which means Independence in power generation was feet if not miles away.

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