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Zim Records Malaria Deaths

by BustopTV

Lerato Ndlovu

Over a hundred people have died of malaria while thousands more are infected in Manicaland, Masvingo and Mashonaland East provinces at a time when the country is battling with COVID 19.

According to the Health ministry, the cumulative figures of malaria are 135,585 and 131 deaths. A total of 201 malaria outbreaks have been reported throughout the three provinces.

90 outbreaks having been controlled, 10.4% of the reported cases were from five years old. This week they managed to record 18 690 cases and 17 deaths related to Malaria.

In regard to the outbreak WHO’s Global Malaria Programme says that in countries where malaria could make COVID-19 more deadly, mass distribution of malaria drugs may be an option.

“Zimbabwe’s Matabeleland South and Mashonaland West provinces have already reported three times more malaria cases than last year, their statement read.

The malaria figures are way higher than Zimbabwe’s current Covid-19 caseload.

According to WHO the two diseases ( COVID 19 and Malaria) have common symptoms including fever, headaches and body pain likely to double the danger.

The confirmation of a malaria infection does not rule out the possibility that the patient might also be suffering from Covid-19; similarly, suspected or confirmed Covid-19 patients in malaria-endemic areas should also receive a malaria diagnostic test, says the Global Malaria Programme in its new guidelines titled, Tailoring malaria interventions in the Covid-19 response.

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