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Zim-Diaspora joins fight against Covid -19

by BustopTV

By Kudakwashe Vhenge

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread across the country, Zimbabweans abroad have joined in the fight against Covid-19 initiating a fundraise.

The funds are meant to assist frontline healthcare workers in the country with personal protective equipment (PPE).

To date Zimbabwe has 36 COVID-19 confirmed cases including nine recoveries and four deaths.

Globally over four million people have been infected with coronavirus with over 270 000 having succumbed to the deadly pandemic.

The country has reported widespread protests from frontline health workers throughout the country’s major hospitals and local clinics demanding a safe working environment and PPEs in the wake COVID-19.

The fund raise dubbed ZIM diaspora Response Fundraising (COVID-19) is being partnered with an online market store, Tengai online which has promised to match every £10 donated with £1.

In a press release issued recently, ZIM Diaspora Fundraising coordinator, Marshal Gore admitted that the world has been hard hit by a catastrophe that has posed remarkable challenges hence they found it necessary to intervene and help the government.

“As a Diaspora or global community, we have never faced anything like this. The challenges, both for society as a whole and for us personally are unprecedented. We have embraced shared responsibility to support our government to tackle Covid 19 at this time of great need,” he said.

Gore also called on various stakeholders and expressed the willingness to collaborate interested partners to help in the attainment of PPE for frontline health workers who are at high risk of infection due to the nature of their work.

“Now we’re calling on our local and global communities to come together to help us fund the solution to the biggest global health challenges facing us today. By supporting this Fund, they will be joining the diaspora community of Zimbabweans and friends of Zimbabwe, united in managing, mitigating, and eventually stopping this virus.

“ZIM Diaspora is committed to working with other patriotic diaspora organizations and friends of Zimbabwe to fund the delivery of PPE to frontline healthcare workers and calls on all to unite in the fight we are faced with”.

Last week, Zimbabwe international footballers plighting their trade in the abroad challenged each other to make donations and help those directly and indirectly affected by the global pandemic.

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