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ZEC Has Failed : Nelson Chamisa

by Bustop TV News

By Peace Mlilo

The Citizens Coalition for Change leader Nelson Chamisa has labeled the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) corrupt saying it has failed to be neutral and legal in today’s by-elections.

Chamisa was addressing journalists after casting his ballot in Kuwadzana.

Prior to the by-elections Chamisa had said the by-elections are a test to see whether ZEC can deliver fair elections.

“ZEC is not straight. It is corrupt. The corruption happening in this country starts with the corruption of the electoral process. Election corruption is the biggest corruption because it then cascades down to every other facet,” he said.

Despite reports of voter intimidation across the country, Chamisa was happy that he was able to vote.

He added: “We are excited (to have been able to vote), but we are also disappointed because if you look at the indelible ink is not that indelible, and we have received reports across the country that ZEC has not done a perfect job. In fact, ZEC has failed to pass the different tests, the integrity test, the credibility test, the independence test, the professionalism test”.

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