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Wife claims maintenance from own husband

by BustopTV

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Masvingo – A married woman from Rujeko in Masvingo is dragging his husband of eight years to court for maintenance as he claims his husband is not catering for the family.

Tsitsi Mudanga who has been married to her husband Trevor Ndiweni said that she cannot take it anymore as his husband is the bread winner and he is not supporting his family and busy spending all his finances on his mistresses.

A report made showed that Trevor was neglecting his family, and failing to pay school fees for their two sons that is why she then decided it was high time she took the matter to the legal side.

“I do not work and my husband is the one who goes to work but now he is forgetting his duties, we have been neglected and that is why l have decided he should pay me maintenance for my upkeep and for the kids. For the past year my brother is the one who has been paying school fees for my boys as if they do not have a father. He should man up and be responsible. We still live together but this will not stop me from dragging him to courts over maintenance,” she said.

Tsitsi in her statement said that she wants $800bond a month and this money will help her start up a business that will sustain her.

However the husband Trevor refuted the claims that were made by his wife just that his business has not been going very well and he ended up selling his car to make ends meet. He said that the $800bond she is claiming is too much as his monthly salary does not tally with what she wants.

“All she wants is a fancy life and l cannot afford it and she does not understand me,” he said.

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