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Residents Up In Arms Against Chiredzi Council

by Bustop TV News

By Lloyd Takawira

Beneficiaries of residential stands in Melbourne Park, Chiredzi town council are up in arms with their council for asking for a top up on residential stands fully paid for in 2018.

Beneficiaries who spoke to Bustop TV News said they fully paid for the medium residential stands in 2018.

One beneficiary, Angeline Mashumba said: “In 2018 , I paid fully for the residential stand after council gave us offer letters. We were told that the money covered for the roads and everything. However, council is now asking us to top up some money. It’s unfair.”

Another beneficiary Mike Tome added: “In 2018 , l bought a residential stand in Melbourne park . I fully paid for the stands. However now l received a letter from council asking me to top up money for the development of the area”.

Speaking to Bustop TV News, Chiredzi Residents and Ratepayers Association Chairperson Mr Tizirai said, Chiredzi town Council officials has a tendency of making residents top up money upon paying the whole fee .

” In 2018, beneficiaries of residential stands in Melbourne park paid money which covered the bill of quantities as evaluated by the surveyors . Now some years now , because the council officials abused the money now want to extort desperate home seekers . It’s not the first time .They once did it some time ago. This time they will not achieve. They have to service the residential stands with the money which residents paid for in 2018.”

Efforts to get a comment from the council Chairperson and the Acting town secretary were fruitless.

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