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By Lloyd Takawira

Movement for Democratic Change led by Advocate Nelson Chamisa has described Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD) platform, as a “political graveyard judging by the paltry votes garnered by all of its members, starting with Mnangagwa himself.”

MDC deputy spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka says President Mnangagwa is illegitimate, as the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) whittled down his votes tally “a record three times.”

“The collective position of all sane Zimbabweans is the position taken by president (Nelson) Chamisa, which is to snub such comedies at a time citizens are suffering. Mnangagwa continues to talk about Chamisa betrays the real character that Zimbabwe needs for the country to move forward,” he told

the media .

“POLAD is a political graveyard judging by the paltry votes garnered by all of its members, starting with Mnangagwa himself, whose votes Zec (the Zimbawbe Electoral Commission) whittled down a record three times,” Tamborinyoka said.

He added: “Mnangagwa cannot be the convener of an honest and sincere and credible dialogue. That gathering at his farm is a charade. We are talking here of unity of the people and not the unity of leaders over a bottle of whisky.

“The people are suffering and this POLAD political soliloquy has been on-going endlessly with no respite on the lives of the people. It is a self-serving charade. With that troop of political nonentities, Polad is akin to whistling in a political graveyard.”

MDC spokesperson Daniel Molokele weighed in, saying: “We are not interested in joining POLAD. We are very clear that POLAD is not a credible process. Chamisa is not in any political wilderness. He is the most relevant politician right now and is taking a principled stance in the interest of the people of Zimbabwe. The MDC itself is very happy not to be associated with POLAD.”

Meanwhile the MDC Youth Assembly has also weighed in castigating “POLAD” as a ” futile platform for the vanguished”

In a statement released to the media the MDC Youth Assembly thanked Chamisa for refusing to join POLAD

“POLAD is Emmerson Mnangagwa’s pulverized political monologue, POLAD”

“As President Chamisa rightly opines, joining POLAD is akin to betrayal and selling out millions of this generation who yearn for real change.

“It is not mendacious that real change can only be ushered in through genuine dialogue on reforms and not some extravagant banquet at Mnangagwa’s farm” reads the statement

“As far as we are concerned, POLAD is nothing more than a club of the vanguished whose common goal is underlined by bitterness, thievery, extravagance and an unquenchable desperate desire for a social contract with the masses.

“Even if we are to combine Emmerson Mnangagwa’s 33% presidential vote with less than 1% paltry votes garnered by his POLAD acolytes in 2018 elections, still they will be far short of the 50% threshold as per our constitutional provisions.” reads the youth statement.

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