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Pokello’s Sunday Confessions Exposes Shocking Secrets

by BustopTV

 Own Correspondent

Socialite Pokello Nare’s Sunday Confessions left many people opened mouthed following some shocking and in some cases terrifying revelations. Pokello asked people to share their confessions in private so that she could share them on Instagram, anonymously of course, with a few words of advice or in some cases, a bit of light commentary.

Seems like most people who tuned into the Sunday Confessions got more than they bargained for after they were left shocked at some of the things people are willing to do in their quest for wealth or in some extreme cases, in the quest for vengeance. It seems like an overwhelming majority of the confessions were made, by women and some of them, if true, are downright diabolical. Judging by the reactions from social media users, most people seemed stunned by some of the confessions.

Granted some of the confessions may be complete fabrications but if even just one half of them are true, then, it does not bode well for some relationships. Below are some of the confessions as well as Pokello’s advice or in some cases commentary on the matter:

Confession: So my boyfriend cheated on me now I’m f*g his dad. I’m about to make him my stepson.

Pokello’s reaction: Jesus!

Confession: I dated a married man and have blackmailed him to give me more than 6k USD when he wanted to leave me.

Pokello’s reaction: U blackmailed him to give you what? Why are you women becoming so toxic

Confession: I’m eating someone’s wife and the husband calls me my son.

Pokello’s Reaction: Well SON, I’m even at a loss of words.

Confession: I regret this so much but I cheated on my hubby just so I could fee how another dick tastes.

Pokello’s Reaction: I just want to know the Verdict? Was it better

Confession: Had sex with my boyfriend’s boss for him (boyfriend) to get promoted.

Pokello’s reaction: Sis Whaaaaatttttt? U did what? He better be giving you half the salary coz WTF
Confession: I slept with my man on his Wife’s Birthday. Made sure there was no Birthday Sex.

Pokello’s reaction: Omg u are savage.

Confession: Slept with 2 men in two days last week though we’re on lockdown. None are my actual boyfriend.

Pokello’s reaction: Hayi sis, Ubusy.

Confession: Used ostrich eggs to have my boyfriend leave his baby mama for good n just talk about the child.

Pokello’s reaction: Ostrich eggs

Confession: I have a lot to confess on but the biggest would be me getting an abortion. Twice. Same guy though.

Pokello’s reaction: Either he married you or just get on the contraception sis.

Confession: Been Dating two guys for abt 3yrs now.

Pokello’s reaction: 3 years. Professor needs savages like you for his next heist.

Confession: My ex is still paying for me and my husband’s Netflix account (He doesn’t know I’m married now)

Pokello’s Reaction: Savage much? Well, I guess it’s only 11.99 a month.

Confession: I own the house we live in and my husband doesn’t know(.) we both pay rent every month

Pokello’s Reaction: I have to stan.

Confession: Been trying to seduce the guy that lives at the cottage Mara the guy is slow(.) I really need dick #lockdowndiaries

Pokello’s Reaction: Ha don’t corrupt the cottage guy.

Confession: I’m married and dating a rich blesser. I’m enjoying it. life is good!!!!!

Pokello’s Reaction: How are (you) juggling that coz damn girl.

Confession: I’m married but I really miss my ex. The other
[13/04 06:43] Iharare: time she was like siya main house tidzokerane.

Pokello’s Reaction: But why do you men marry women you are not in love with? Then end up cheating with the ex
Confession I asked my side nigga to drop me off at my sugar daddy place and told him he was my uncle. I repent…

Pokello’s reaction: U know what- Just take Today’s trophy. I’m done with y’all.

Confession: I’m so in love with my boyfriend, we like best friends but I’m happily married.

Pokello’s reaction: Hayi sis, if you were happily married you wouldn’t have a boyfriend. He is there because he fills a void in your marriage.

Confession: I don’t know who the father of my child is.

Pokello’s reaction: Well sis, let’s try to narrow it down to 3 suspects.

Confession: I slept with my hubby’s friend two times, it was a revenge to my husband.

Pokello’s reaction: Did it make you feel better? Did it take the hurt away

Confession: My hubby was a serial player in revenge I f* his brother….for nearly 10 years.

Pokello’s reaction: Not his brother damn.

Confession: Ni_gga cheated. Put his sperms in fried eggs… Ni_gga ate his kids.

Pokello’s Reaction: After God, Fear women.

Confession: I’m planning a wedding but have been sleeping with this married guy.

Pokello’s Reaction: You sure you ready to get married then

Confession: Advised a friend kuboora condom kuti amitise bhebhi. It worked.

Pokello’s reaction: There is a special place for people like you in hell.


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