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Passengers to fight court ruling legalising use of spike strips

by Bustop TV News

By Lloyd Takawira

Passengers Association of Zimbabwe (PAZ) has vowed to challenge the High Court ruling by judge Owen Tagu allowing the use of strips of spikes by the police to stop vehicles which do not adhere to their orders.

This comes after the passengers association had sued police and requested for an interdict from the court to ban police from using spike smashing windscreens of private taxis to halt pirate taxis and kombis.

The judge refused to accept the PAZ application arguing that operators of pirate taxis were not just committing traffic offences only but other crimes that could be classified as more dangerous are run over by vehicles fleeing police officers.

“To grant the application would be tantamount to legalising the actions of these errant motorists as the police would be incapacitated to deal with them,” Tagu said.

However in an interview with Bustop TV News, Passengers Association of Zimbabwe (PAZ) Acting spokesperson, Andrew Chibanda said, “As Passengers Association of Zimbabwe we are really moved by this ruling which give the police to continue with this rudimentary act of throwing spikes on moving vehicles. The use of spikes is dangerous when used on vehicles in motion. Spikes should be used when the vehicles are stationary not on vehicles in motion”.

Mr Chibanda further said that , they will pursue the matter in the courts.

“We will launch an appeal through our legal body.”

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