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New dating site for ‘locked down’ Zimbabweans

by BustopTV

By Trevor Makonyonga

As Zimbabweans are in the 21 day lockdown phase, there could be an easy solution to deal with boredom caused by lack of companionship in this seemingly long period.

The solution is an app which a Zimbabwean couple based in the United States of America has created.

As we grow older, people get in and out of relationships and sometimes hook ups are essential. These are normally arranged by family and friends. For Paul and Shamiso Bere these constant naggings were motivation to help the many singles in Zimbabwe.

After constantly being asked to hook up friends and family, co-founder of the NL4BETTER, Paul Bere, told Bustop TV that this pushed him to come up with such an app.

“People would constantly ask my wife and I to link them up with other singles. This then led us to make this app.

“NL4BETTER (New love for better) aims to set up a platform that brings all Africans together so that your new love already has a cultural background that will allow connections of a lifetime. Whether its friendship, networking or romance, we aim to break the boundaries of today’s borders and bring you new love for better. Download the app now in your apple store and google play store.”

He further said the app is open to every Zimbabwean.

“The site is open for everyone especially Zimbabweans since that’s where we are pushing it right now. We really want to push it to the Zimbabwean community.”

He also talked about how teamwork with his wife has paid off this far and how Zimbabweans have been responding.

“You know to succeed madam vanenge varipo (my wife is always there). She is doing a lot for marketing and spreading the word on social media. The response from Zim has been great.”

What is unique about the app is that although it is almost like Tinder, on NL4BETTER one can call which is a unique feature.

For those who are bored during the lockdown and social distancing period it could be useful for singles to find love on the new dating app NL4BETTER.

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